• Program Overview

    If You Use a Firearm Under Our Program You Will Receive:

    Zealous Legal Representation

    If you “use” a firearm in Texas under the Texas Law Shield Firearms Legal Defense Program, our program attorneys will represent you in any legal proceeding (criminal or civil), for zero additional attorneys’ fees. This includes all criminal charges arising from a “use” of a gun.

    Police Investigations
    Grand Jury Proceedings
    Trial, both Criminal and Civil

    24/7/365 Attorney Answered Emergency Hotline

    The 24/7/365 firearms emergency hotline is always answered by an attorney who is a member of the Texas Law Shield Firearms Program. It is available exclusively to our Members – when you call, you are talking to your firearms program attorneys.

    Member ID Card with Emergency Hotline Number.

    What you tell your firearms program attorney is fully confidential.

    Non-Emergency Access to Your Firearms Program Attorneys

    If you have a firearms legal question, call us, we are here to help.

    Coverage Options

    Concealed Handgun License (CHL) Program

    If you are a resident of Texas and possess a Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License) or a concealed carry permit recognized by Texas, you are eligible for our CHL Firearms Program.

    Non-CHL Program

    If you don’t have a CHL or concealed carry permit, you are eligible for the Non-CHL Firearms Program that covers you anywhere in Texas you legally can possess a firearm without a CHL.

    Mixed Program – 1 CHL / 1 Non-CHL

    Mixed Program (1 CHL or concealed carry permit/1 Non-CHL): If your family has one with and one without, good news, enroll in the Mixed Firearms Program and get coverage to fit both of you.

    What’s Not Covered

    While our services are quite comprehensive, the following are not covered: appeals, expert witness fees, governmental fees of any type, investigator fees, or bail bonds. However, members have the option to enroll in the Bail Bond/Expert Witness program.

  • Optional Member Coverage

    Minor Children Firearms Legal Protection

    Minor ChildrenUnder any plan, our Members may elect to add their minor children for a small fee.

    Minor children of the Member parent(s) shall be entitled to the same legal services and benefits in the event the minor child has a “use” of a firearm.

    Minor children are subject to the same limitations and exclusions as their parent(s).

    Multi-State Firearms Legal Protection

    Multistate The Texas Law Shield Firearms Legal Defense Program provides legal defense for Texas members anywhere in Texas where they can legally possess a firearm, if they are forced to use a gun.

    For our members who travel outside of Texas with a firearm, Texas Law Shield Firearms Program offers a multi-state option. Through our network of lawyers and law firms our Texas Law Shield members receive the same legal benefits under the program as they enjoy in Texas. This includes criminal as well as civil legal defense. The covered states under the multi-state option are the following: all 50 states plus Washington D.C.

    If our member uses a firearm outside of the Great State of Texas in a covered state, they simply call the emergency hotline number on their member card.

    All covered states are included for one additional low price, per Member.

    As new states are added, you are automatically covered in those states for no additional fees.

    Bail Bond & Expert Witness Coverage

    Legal Gun Owner1In addition to bail bond reduction hearing coverage for all members, members that select the bail bond expert witness program protection receive:

    1. Bail Bond fee protection for bail up to $25,000
    2. Expert Witness fee protection
  • Additional Benefits Available To All Members

    As a Member of Texas Law Shield, you are not only ensured of legal representation should you have a “use” of a firearm, you will also receive many member benefits including the following:

    • After Bang Emergency Plan in a confidential repository with a Texas Law Shield Firearms Program attorney in case of emergency.
    • Access to your attorneys for legal non-emergency firearms questions, call us we are here to help.
    • Discounts and offers from Firearm Ranges/Stores available through our member perks program.
    • Full access to our exclusive member publications full of information on current firearms laws, regulations, including the castle doctrine, stand your ground and other legal topics.
    • Our monthly newsletter.
    • Full access to our exclusive legal education video library, inside your member portal.
    • Access to our Attorney/Member Forum.
    • Discounts to our Seminars.
  • Texas Law Shield Membership Cost

  • Program FAQs

    Do I Have To Shoot To Be Covered?

    No. Our program covers you if you “use” a firearm as a weapon. Our members are covered under the Texas Law Shield Firearms Program any time our member displays a firearm for the purpose of using the firearm as a weapon to stop a threat, whether the member has to pull the trigger and discharge the firearm or not.

    Examples That Are Not A “Use” Of A Gun

    Taking a Gun Into A Prohibited Place

    If you take a gun into a prohibited place (i.e. airport secured area, sporting event, bar, etc.) this act is not a “use” of a firearm and is not covered under the program.

    Accidental Discharges or Other Accidents

    Our programs are designed to protect you in “use of force” scenarios. An accidental discharge is not a “use” and is not covered under the program (i.e. cleaning a gun and it discharges, hunting accidents, etc.).

    Am I covered under the program if I use a shotgun/rifle instead of a handgun?

    Yes. Our program covers the “use” of all legal firearms.

    If I call the emergency hotline, will I actually be speaking to an attorney?

    Yes. The hotline is always answered by an attorney, not a receptionist or answering service. You get immediate communications with a firearms program lawyer.

    Does the program defend me if I get caught carrying a gun somewhere the law says I shouldn’t?

    No. Our program provides legal defense for your “use” of a firearm anywhere in Texas where you can legally be in possession of a firearm.

    Do I get legal protection outside of Texas?

    Only if you are a member of our multi-state option and use a gun in a listed covered state under the program.

    If there is a mistrial or the case has to be retried, is that covered?

    Yes. Our program provides you representation which includes both civil and criminal trials and any retrials that may be necessary.

    Is there a limit on the amount of hours for defense under this program?

    No. Our program attorneys do not and will not put a limit on the number of hours devoted to your defense. Your firearms program attorney is there from the beginning until the very end, no matter how long it may take. As a member, you deserve no less.

    Since the program is so inexpensive, will I receive less service than other clients of the program attorneys?

    Absolutely not. The program’s lawyers have a responsibility and ethical duty to represent clients zealously, fully, and to the best of their abilities, regardless of fees charged.

    Does this program provide bond if I am charged with a crime for the use of a gun?

    Only if the Member has selected and paid for the bail bond / expert witness program additional legal services contract coverage.

    Can I cancel at any time?

    As a member, you have the right to cancel your membership at any time and we will gladly refund your unused membership amount.

    I am or will be taking the CHL class. Can I sign up for the CHL program now?


    If I have adult children at home, will they need their own membership?

    Yes. All adults who wish to have this service need their own program and member ID card.

    Does the program cover a spouse/partner as well?

    Yes, if they are also a member in good standing.

    If I have a CHL, can I just sign up for the Non-CHL program?


    Why is the CHL program more expensive than the Non-CHL program?

    The CHL Program is a bit more expensive because, in addition to being covered in any place where a Non-CHL holder may legally have a gun, you are also covered in all the other places you can legally possess a gun as a CHL holder.

    Is Texas Law Shield a law firm?

    No. Texas Law Shield, LLP is a licensed legal services company that maintains a firearms legal defense program. This program provides attorneys throughout the state who are experienced in handling cases involving firearms and firearms law. Texas Law Shield evaluates these attorneys to ensure that they are just as passionate about our Second Amendment rights as the people here at Texas Law Shield.

    Is this insurance?

    In Texas, the Firearms Legal Defense Program is operated as a licensed legal services company dedicated to preserving all of our 2nd Amendment Rights. In other states the program is administered through the appropriate agencies of that state.

  • Meet The Team

    Texas Law Shield, LLP program attorneys have extensive civil and criminal trial experience as well as the pleasure of representing thousands of legal gun owners, including civilian, law enforcement, security and military personnel. In addition, Texas Law Shield is honored to serve numerous civilian shooting ranges, firearms instructors, firearms publications, and federal firearms licensed dealers. Texas Law Shield, LLP’s passion is to support all aspects of legal firearms ownership in our great and unique country.

    Texas Law Shield Executive Team


    Kirk EvansKirk is a graduate with honors from Texas A&M University and attended law school at the University of Houston where he graduated as editor of the Law Review. He was admitted to the Texas Bar in 1993.

    Kirk possesses extensive trial experience in courtrooms all over the Great State of Texas including Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Midland and communities in between.

    Kirk, prior to joining Texas Law Shield, concentrated most of his work on litigation including constitutional issues and complex civil litigation. He is an ardent supporter of each of our rights to keep and bear arms and is a proud gun owner.

    Kirk is a frequent speaker on civil liability associated with gun ownership and has been a presenter at events across the state including the FBI Dallas CAAA Active Shooter Seminar, the national NRA Foundation Banquet and multiple civic and community organizations.

    Kirk has also authored a number of firearms legal publications on topics such as “Tribal Law and Your Firearms.” In addition, Kirk has served as a media source for firearms law, including appearances on KSAT television in San Antonio and a national interview with Yahoo Sports.

    Kirk has also appeared on the Mike Rosen show on 850 KOA in Denver, provided an interview with Ben Ferguson on 820 WBAP in Dallas, and spoken at a live broadcast by Lee Matthews on 1000 KTOK in Oklahoma City.

    Kirk was recognized as a “Rising Star” in the legal profession by the publisher of Texas Super Lawyers.

    His email address is kevans@texaslawshield.com


    Johanna is an ardent supporter of 2nd Amendment rights and is a life long firearms enthusiast. She brings a wealth of experience in operations, business structure, and customer service. In addition to her management experience, she brings valuable experience in office administration and information technology. Johanna continues to oversee our growth and infrastructure transition. She is here to help our members.

    She supervises the administrative structure and has helped with the company’s technology development and growth. She works with the marketing and sales team on developing new ideas for member growth and a team focused on the development of educating our members on firearms issues. She is a life long firearms rights advocate and proud gun owner.

    Her e-mail is johanna@texaslawshield.com


    David DonchezDavid is a Texas Law Shield Member and is dedicated to providing our members with the excellent quality of service they deserve. David is a believer that the Member’s time and concerns do matter.

    Prior to working for Texas Law Shield, David was President of Gulf Coast Powerboats for twenty years and COO of Sunsation Powerboats, a marine manufacturing company, dealing with customers/clients all over the world. Throughout his career he has made customer service his number one priority.

    If you need anything, do not hesitate, get a hold of David!

    His email address is davidd@texaslawshield.com


    Darren graduated from the University of Texas School of Law in 1992. He is a life member of the National Rifle Association, a federal firearms licensed dealer, a class III tax stamp holder and a collector of firearms.

    His email address is rice@texaslawshield.com


    Shaun DotsonAs Director of Customer Service for Texas Law Shield, Shaun Dotson is responsible for the company’s customer service quality and strategy, as well as overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Customer Service Center. He joined the Texas Law Shield customer service team in March 2013.

    Shaun brings more than 10 years of customer service experience to Texas Law Shield. He began his career in telecommunications as a customer service representative for the former PrimeCo wireless telecommunication company. He has been involved in a broad range of customer service functions in management positions of increasing responsibility, including customer loyalty and quality assurance, call centers for financial markets, mergers and acquisitions, force management, and call center technologies.

    He also served as a customer service manager with American Express work-at-home agents. Prior to his current role, Shaun served as creative director for Uniserv Technology in Hilo, Hawaii.

    His email address is shaun@texaslawshield.com


    PJP.J. has been with Texas Law Shield Firearms Defense Program since the early beginnings. He has worked his way up from a part time Member Services Representative to the position as National Sales Director. P.J. brings unparalleled enthusiasm for members and our cause of offering piece of mind to all gun owners.

    He was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. At an early age he started his career in the industrial sales industry, where he worked his way into sales management. Always having an entrepreneurial spirit he decided to bring his talents in sales management and business development to small business in his home town. He is a proud father and avid supporter of all of our 2nd Amendment Rights.

    His email address is pj@texaslawshield.com

    Meet Our Program Attorneys

    Houston – Walker & Byington, PLLC


    Edwin WalkerEdwin is a native Texan who earned his bachelor and law degrees at the University of Houston. He has been practicing law in the State of Texas since 1993 with an emphasis on criminal defense.

    Edwin is a member of the State Bar of Texas, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association and the Harris County Defense Lawyers Association.

    Edwin is a frequent speaker on the use of force and has presented the law in front of thousands of individuals from venues as small as local Rotary clubs and as large as legal seminars.

    Edwin has also made several appearances on state and national radio and news shows to share his knowledge of the law. He is a proud gun owner.

    His email address is tewalker@walkerbyington.com


    Michele ByingtonMichele Byington received her J.D. from South Texas College of Law in 2010 where she competed on the nationally recognized advocacy program. She was admitted to the Texas Bar in 2010. Prior to law school, she received her B.A. in Political Science from Texas A&M University and was a member of Pi Sigma Alpha Honors Fraternity.

    Michele has extensive knowledge of the National Firearms Act and the processes of the BATFE. She has assisted and advised in hundreds of successful NFA Item transfers.

    She has published articles on the Texas Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground Laws, and other “use of force” laws and justifications. Michele frequently speaks around the State of Texas on topics like: “Where You Can and Cannot Take a Firearm,” “When the Law Allows For the Use of Force and Deadly Force,” “The Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground Issues,” “The Law of Suppressors, Short Barreled Firearms, and Full Auto,” and numerous other firearms related matters.

    Michele has represented dozens of clients all over Texas in incidents involving firearms. She is a gun owner and works tirelessly to uphold the 2nd Amendment.

    Her email address is mbyington@walkerbyington.com


    Richard CarterRichard Carter graduated from the Texas Tech University School of Law, in addition to having taken special courses at the FBI Academy, and attending the National Judicial College.

    He has been practicing for 40 years, and his list of accomplishments include having been the Executive Director and General Counsel for Crime Stoppers International, receiving a “Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition” for his work in crime prevention, and the “President’s Award” by Crime Stoppers International in 1988 and 2007.

    He has been on all sides of the court room, acting as a criminal defense attorney, a county attorney, a police advisor and a judge.

    His email address is richard@walkerbyington.com


    Gordon CooperGordon Cooper received his J.D. from the University of Houston Law Center in 2012. Prior to law school, he received his B.S. in Psychology from the University of Houston; he did so as the youngest graduate on record, graduating at 18 years old, having started college at 13 years old. Prior to joining the firm, while attending law school, he worked as a full-time negotiator.

    Gordon’s work with U.S. Law Shield has involved work on both criminal and civil cases, with experience in the trial setting. He has also researched the firearms and use of force laws across multiple states, including Florida, Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Oklahoma. A frequent speaker at seminars and the author of many different newsletters, with topics ranging from the Use of Deadly Force to NFA item ownership, he is above all else a proud gun owner and tireless supporter of our constitutional rights to bear arms.

    His email address is gcooper@walkerbyington.com

    Dallas/Fort Worth


    Justin Sparks
    Kearney Wynn, P.C.
    3100 West 7th Street, Ste. 420
    Ft. Worth, Texas 76107
    (817) 336-5600

    Justin Sparks was born in Houston, Texas. Before high school he and his family moved to Weimar, Texas where Justin graduated from Weimar High School. He then attended Baylor University where he double majored in Economics and Real Estate and graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Business Administration. After graduating from Baylor, Justin attended Texas A&M University School of Law where he received his Juris Doctorate in 2007.

    The year following law school, Justin worked for a local Oil & Gas company handling legal issues with regard to drilling and drill sites. Justin was then hired by the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office as an Assistant District Attorney where he was responsible for grand jury investigations, plea negotiations, hearings, trials before the court, and jury trials. In his time there, Justin handled over one thousand DWI cases and tried more than one hundred DWI cases before juries. After two years with the DA’s office Justin was hired as an associate by Kearney | Wynn. Justin was named to the Top Attorneys in Fort Worth by Fort Worth Magazine – 2010, 2011, 2012

    Areas of Practice:
    Grand Jury Investigations
    All Criminal Prosecutions & Investigations

    Litigation Percentage:
    100% of Practice Devoted to Litigation

    Bar Admissions:
    Texas, 2007
    U.S. District Court Northern District of Texas, 2009

    Texas A&M School of Law, Fort Worth, Texas, 2007
    Baylor University, Waco, Texas, USA, 2004
    Major: Economics & Real Estate
    Professional Associations and Memberships:
    Eldon B. Mahon Inn of Court
    Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

    Past Employment Positions:
    Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office, Assistant District Attorney, 2008 – 2009
    Sigma Chi


    Nicole Knox
    The Law Office of Nicole Knox
    900 Jackson Street, Ste. 650
    Dallas, Texas 75202
    (214) 653-8888

    Nicole Knox’s passion for practicing criminal law is a result of her love of trial work and desire to help others. Immediately after law school, she began studying and practicing criminal defense law as an associate attorney for nationally renowned defense attorney, Stephen L. Jones. She continues to assist Mr. Jones in his federal criminal defense practice.

    Ms. Knox has recently been recognized by the National Trial Lawyers with the award of Top 100 Trial Lawyers and the National Trial Lawyers’ Top 40 Under 40.

    Ms. Knox is very active in the Dallas legal and service communities. Since 2011, she has served as Vice-President of Membership for the Dallas Women Lawyer’s Association. Since 2011, she has served as the co-chair person of the Criminal Involvement Committee for the Dallas Young Lawyers Association. In her role as a leader of local bar orgainziations, Ms. Knox enjoys mentoring young men and women who aspire to become lawyers and who aspire to further their legal career. Ms. Knox also donates her time to serve various charitable organizations, including her repeated service projects for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital and her service as a founding member of the Young Community Partners of Dallas, a non-profit organization which is dedicated to enriching the lives of abused and neglected children in the Dallas area.

    Bar Admissions:
    State Bar of Texas, admitted Nov. 2009
    United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, 2010
    United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, 2010
    United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma, 2011

    Texas Wesleyan University School of Law, Fort Worth, TX, J.D., May 2009
    University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS, Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, 2004
    Major: Broadcast Journalism
    Minor: Spanish

    Killeen & Surrounding Areas


    The Law Office of Kurt W. Glass & Partners
    2608 N. Main Street, Ste. B-135
    Belton, Texas 76513
    (254) 939-7018

    Mr. Glass enlisted in the US Army in 1986 as an infantryman. While stationed with the 25th Infantry Division in Hawaii he served as a Scout Observer/Sniper. After a four year assignment in Hawaii Mr. Glass transferred over to Military Intelligence in 1992. He was then reassigned to attend the Russian language course in Monterey, California.

    Between 1992 and 1995 Mr. Glass was stationed here at Fort Hood with the 303rd Military Intelligence Battalion. While at Fort Hood he was selected as the 504th Military Intelligence Brigade Non-Commissioned Officer of the year and attended the Andre Sakharov Language Institute.

    Mr. Glass attended the Serbo-Croatian language course in Washington DC and after living in the Balkans for over two years was assigned to the United States Army Office of Military Support.

    His best friend, Sam Slemp also a retired soldier, died before realizing his dream of attending law school. Sam spoke frequently about going to law school and when he died Kurt made a promise that he would go instead.

    Mr. Glass retired from the US Army in 2006 after 20 years and 16 days of active duty. In August of 2006, after having been retired for 18 days, he was seated in the first class of law school at Texas Tech. Kurt and his wife, Dawn, found staying in Lubbock was difficult because of the city distance from any military community. They wanted to return to a community and a return to a mindset that both understood and appreciated, so after graduating law school they relocated to Fort Hood to begin.

    Austin/San Antonio


    Larry Dean Bloomquist
    Attorney Larry Dean Bloomquist is a Board Certified Criminal Defense attorney, who has over ten years of experience. Mr. Bloomquist is a former Assistant District Attorney and prosecutor. He was nationally recognized by the National Association of Prosecuting Coordinators for work involving intoxicated drivers. He has tried over one hundred jury trials, including many high-profile murders, sex crimes, and gang related crimes.

    Born in Denver, Colorado he grew up in Wyoming. He obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree from Westminster College of Salt Lake City, Utah. He was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army. Rising to the rank of Captain, he served during Humanitarian and Peacekeeping Missions in Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, and Cuba. He also served in Korea, Italy, Virginia, and Colorado.

    After leaving the Army Mr. Bloomquist attended the University Of Wyoming College Of Law, in Laramie Wyoming. He won trial and appellate trial competitions and went on to represent the University at regional competitions. During law school he worked in the legal services clinic and has a law clerk with law firms and government agencies, representing people. He was inducted into the national “Order of The Barristers” for outstanding courtroom advocacy. He attained his Juris Doctorate degree.

    After passing the Texas bar examination and becoming a licensed attorney Mr. Bloomquist went to work at the Law Offices of Gary Green in Austin, Texas representing Texans in civil matters. He then became a prosecutor. Mr. Bloomquist has served as an Assistant District Attorney for Caldwell County in Lockhart, Texas, an Assistant County Attorney for Guadalupe County in Seguin, Texas, as an Assistant District Attorney for Hays County in San Marcos, Texas as well as the 1st Assistant District Attorney for Guadalupe, Gonzales and Lavaca Counties.

    Mr. Bloomquist quickly built a reputation as a tough no nonsense trial attorney. He tried multiple high profile child murder and sexual assaults, and gang related cases and became a sought after speaker on these issues. He has done extensive work on cases involving intoxicated drivers and was nationally recognized as an “Outstanding Traffic Safety Prosecutor” for that work. He has broad experience handling all types of criminal cases.

    In 2011 The Law Office of Larry Dean Bloomquist was founded in San Antonio, Texas with the goal of providing the best defense to ordinary people charged with serious crimes.


    • Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization – 2008

    Professional Associations and Memberships

    • Member, State Bar of Texas
    • Member, American Bar Association
    • Member San Antonio Bar Association
    • Member Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

    Honors and Awards

    • National Order of the Barristers – 2002
    • Named an “Outstanding Traffic Safety Prosecutor” by National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators, 2006
    • Meritorious Service Medal – 1999
    • Army Commendation Medal, 4 Awards
    • Army Achievement Medal, 3 Awards
    • Humanitarian Service Medal

    Classes/Seminars Taught

    • “Child Death and Sex Crimes Investigations and Prosecution” Guadalupe County Children’s Advocacy Center Annual Training- 2011
    • “Criminal Prosecutions” Seguin Police Department Citizens’ Police Academy -2011
    • “Review of Gang Prosecution” Seguin Police Department – 2010
    • “Child Sexual Assault Investigations & Prosecutions” New Braunfels Police Department – 2009
    • “Search and Seizure” Guadalupe County’s Attorney’s Office – 2006
    • “DWI Case Prosecution” Guadalupe County’s Attorney’s Office – 2006
    • “Family Violence Prosecution” Guadalupe County’s Attorney’s Office – 2006

    Published Works

    • “Total refusal DWI case on your docket?” The Texas Prosecutor, Volume 36, Number 5, September-October 2006.

    Dallas/Fort Worth – North Texas

    Wes Ball, Attorney

    Ball & Hase
    4025 Woodland Park Blvd., Suite 100
    Arlington, TX 76013

    Don Hase, Attorney

    Ball & Hase
    4025 Woodland Park Blvd., Suite 100
    Arlington, TX 76013

    Bruce A. Martin, Attorney

    705 8th St., Suite 600
    Wichita Falls, TX 76301

    Sterling E. Newcomb, Attorney

    2507 Washington St
    Greenville, TX 75403

    Victor A. (“Vic”) Rivera, Attorney

    1011 Surrey Ln., Bldg. 200
    Flower Mound, TX 75022

    John Hunter Smith, Attorney

    707 W. Washington St.
    Sherman, TX 75092

    Joe Weis, Attorney

    2507 Washington St.
    Greenville, TX 75403

    West Texas/Panhandle

    C.H. “Hal” Brockett, Jr.

    24 Smith Road, Suite 400
    Midland, TX 79705

    Jim Darnell, Attorney

    310 N. Mesa St., Suite 212
    El Paso, TX 79901

    Benjamin P. Garcia, Attorney

    Travis Ware & Associates
    1915 Broadway
    Lubbock, TX 79401-3017

    Travis Ware, Attorney

    Travis Ware & Associates
    1915 Broadway
    Lubbock, TX 79401-3017

    Diane Hathaway, Attorney

    600 S. Tyler, #2005
    Amarillo, TX 79101
    [P.O. Box 15385, Amarillo, TX 79105]

    W. Shaun Galovich, Attorney

    Wagstaff, Alvis, Stubberman, Seamster & Longacre
    290 Cedar
    Abilene, TX 79601

    John S. Young, Attorney

    105 E. Third St.
    Sweetwater, TX 79556

    Matt Martindale, Attorney

    114 W. Kingsmill Ave.
    Pampa, TX 79065

    Central Texas

    William W. Johnston, Attorney

    400 Austin Avenue, Suite 104
    Waco, TX 76710

    South Texas

    Richard F. Gutierrez, Attorney

    113 E Losoya St.
    Del Rio, TX 78840-5855

    Richard W. (“Rick”) Rogers III, Attorney

    710 Buffalo St., Suite 202
    Corpus Christi, TX 78401-1934

    Gregory E. Turley, Attorney

    504 E. Dove Ave., Suite B
    McAllen, TX 78504

    East Texas

    Tim James, Attorney

    115 South St.
    Nacogdoches, TX 75961

    Michael R. Lusk, Attorney

    2224 St. Michael Drive
    Texarkana, TX 75503

    Jim James, Attorney

    James & Reynolds
    1716 Briarcrest Dr., Suite 505
    Bryan, TX 77802
    [P O Box 1146, Bryan, TX 77806-1146]

  • About Us

    The Texas Law Shield Firearms Legal Defense Program by Texas Law Shield, LLP, A Legal Services Company is dedicated to preserving 2nd Amendment rights for all legal gun owners in Texas and ensuring legal representation for our members who ever have to use a firearm. In addition, a cornerstone of our program is education in the area of firearms law. An informed citizenry is essential to preserve our country’s rich heritage and all of our rights. Our legal services company is organized under Texas Occupations Code 953 and is proudly based in Texas. U.S. Law Shield Firearms Program is the sister program to Texas Law Shield and is available currently in Florida, Oklahoma, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Missouri. Our firearms program was founded by lawyers and dedicated to preserving the legal rights of our members when they use a firearm.

    Texas Law Shield also completely underwrites program attorneys to speak on law at civic organizations such as Rotary clubs, gun clubs, church or worship groups, firearm enthusiast gatherings and other venues to educate members and non-members alike on the laws pertaining to firearms, the legal process and using deadly force in self-defense. Additionally, Texas Law Shield is proud to have sponsored many events, such as the NRA Foundation Dinner, Texas Multi-Gun Championship, Diva Woman Outdoors Worldwide and A Girl and a Gun, among others.

    Currently, Texas Law Shield has upwards of 100,000 legal gun owners as members, including civilians, law enforcement and military personnel. In addition, Texas Law Shield is honored to serve numerous civilian firing ranges, firearms instructors, firearms publications and federal firearms licensed dealers. Texas Law Shield has become one of the largest civilian repositories of firearms legal defense information available in Texas.

    Texas Law Shield’s passion is to support all aspects of legal firearms ownership in our great and unique country regardless of any politics or party affiliations. Between our program attorneys and our scores of independent attorneys assisting in the firearms program, we provide legal protection anywhere our members are covered.

  • Member Perks

    • Texas Concealed Handgun Training

      For a CHL class that is paid in full, TLS members will be offered a free gun rental and ammunition for the class.

      If a member already owns a gun, member may receive gift certificate good for 15% off of a class.

      1099 NW CR2270
      Blooming Grove, Texas 76626
      Send an Email
    • Waymore Silencers

      Free shipping for any order over $150.00

      Pearland, Texas 77581
    • 2A Freedom Shooting LLC/ Firearms Training Fort Worth

      15% off NRA Basic Cartridge Reloading Course

      15% off Precision Cartridge Reloading (Rifle) Course

      15% off Rifle & Pistol Cartridge Load Generation Course

      10% off all Gunsmithing Services

      15% off all Training Courses

      10% off Weapons Optics

      Firearms Training Fort Worth employs an experienced, and highly trained, staff who can cater to your firearm training needs.

      4886 Kennedale New Hope Rd.
      Fort Worth, TX 76140
    • Armadillo Guns

      $20.00 off a 3 Hour Personal gun training class, range included.

      $20.00 for an annual membership. Then, as a member you have a $15.00 lane rental per visit.

      Up to $10.00 off FFL transfers

      At Armadillo we have an outdoor range, training facility and a retail store to take care of all of your firearms needs. We also offer many classes in handling and firing your weapon. Come check us out!

      6710 Act Industries Cir.
      Nevada, Texas 75173
      View Website
    • The Gun Cleaners

      10% Discount on Annual Membership

      1500 West Southlake Blvd #140
      Southlake, Texas 76092
    • Bear Ventures

      10% off any available training course

      Bear Ventures is a law enforcement owned and operated business specializing in special training. They offer NRA safety course and firearms rentals. Limit one per member. Does not include CHL classes.

      P.O. Box 1817
      Allen, Texas 75013
      View Website
    • Becky’s Wildlife Studio

      $25 off taxidermy services

      Your trophies and memories deserve respect, don’t just trust them to anyone, trust them to Becky’s Wildlife Studio.

      454 Wilson Rd.
      Waco, Texas 76705
      View Website
    • National Protective Services Institute

      $25.00 off any advanced firearms training class, and other group discounts

      $25 Federal Firearms License firearm transfers

      7% off any purchase over $100.00

      NPSI not only offers the most comprehensive course listing, but also certified most of the outstanding instructors in the San Antonio area. NPSI’s Certified through TRAINING, not attending! is more than just a motto. Your instructor will not be with you at the competition, or in the fight for your life. Consider your training very carefully.

      PO Box 782016
      San Antonio, TX 78278
      View Website
      Send an Email
      210-737-SAFE (7233)
    • Big Iron Concealed Handgun Training

      33% off Private, Basic, and Advanced handgun training

      Helping make Texas secure since 2001, Big Iron Concealed Handgun Training offers a myriad of courses and products to help keep you and your family safe. Beginner and expert alike should make Big Iron their training headquarters.

      Range fees not included in discount.

      P.O. Box 5278
      Waco, TX 76708
    • Bullet Hole

      $5.00 off firearms transfer

      $5.00 off NFA firearms transfer

      No matter if you are a first timer or an experienced shooter, The Bullet Hole Shooting Complex provides a safe environment for you and your family. With a wide variety of handguns, rifles, and ammo we have everything you need to have a great day at the range. Must comply with all state and federal regulations. Must pass background check.

      2715 Grosenbacher Rd
      San Antonio, Texas 78245
      View Website
    • Bullit Proof Arms

      $10.00 off the purchase of any firearm or

      $20.00 off the purchase of any firearm over $1,000.00

      With years of experience across a multitude of fields, they can offer you the knowledge you need to protect yourself and your family.

      Offer only valid on instore purchase and may not be combined with any other offers.

      204 South Main Street
      Buda, TX 78610
    • Central Texas Gun Works

      50% off FFL transfers.

      Central Texas Gun Works provides excellent customer service, which you’ll experience while browsing their large selection of guns. Their flexible options regarding layaway, selling, trading, and consignment show that they want you to have the gun you want.

      321 W Ben White Blvd.
      Suite 203
      Austin, TX 78704
      View Website
    • Chandler’s Gun Shop & Shooting Range

      50% off range fees on Wednesdays

      Offering the latest in firearms accessories, training, and services, Chandlers has made your firearms and training needs their business for over 20 years.

      789 FM 1637
      Valley Mills, TX 76689
      View Website
    • Conroe Shooting Center and Gun Emporium

      $15.00 discount on FFL transfers

      $1.00 discount on skeet and trap rounds

      $5.00 discount on sporting clay rounds

      5% discount on pistol/rifle range fees

      Conroe Shooting Center offers an expansive 200 yard outdoor shooting range, an innovative skeet shooting course, a large selection of new and used firearms for purchase, and even firearms transfers.

      5% range discount only applies to Texas Law Shield members and one guest of each member per visit per day.

      11400 FM 2854
      Conroe, TX 77304
    • Critical Defense Group

      $50.00 off your first initial training class

      With over 20 years experience, Critical Defense Group strives to provide the highest caliber of professional firearms and tactical weapons training for security personnel, law enforcement, military professionals, and qualified citizens. The offered courses and programs can be customized to suit your training and budgetary needs, such that no person has to go without.

      Indicate Texas Law Shield membership upon sign up, present card on day of class. First class only, no additional discounts on future classes.

      3593 Texas Highway 34
      Greenville, TX 75401
    • Fort Worth Combatives

      1 Free month of classes

      Fort Worth Combatives is a non for profit group of dedicated, military, law enforcement and citizens who teach because they love it. They encourage you to come by and see for yourself.

      5501 Thelin Street
      Suite 125
      Fort Worth, Texas 70115
      View Website
    • GDS Enterprises

      50% off labor/ install with the purchase of $100.00 or more worth of accessories at point of sale.

      When it comes to buying or installing parts and accessories, you won’t find a lower price or better service in Austin. Let these masters of their trade help you with whatever you may require.

      Discount applies only to offered services and accessories being purchased.

      321 West Ben White Boulevard
      Austin, TX 78704
      View Website
    • High Noon Indoor Gun Range

      $2.00 off firearm rentals

      $4.00 off lane rentals

      Members may bring a single guest who may rent a lane for $8.00

      It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, High Noon offers a reliable and safe shooting environment anyone can enjoy.

      Discount applies to one guest per day.

      5911 FM 2100
      Crosby, TX 77532
      View Website
    • Jacob Ainsworth

      10% off Advanced Firearms Training.

      Jacob Ainsworth is an instructor in Winnsboro Texas. He currently works out of his home offering classes in firearms training, advanced firearms training, and CHL classes. Discount does not include CHL classes.

      158 CR 4400
      Winnsboro, Texas 75494
    • JEP Firearms LLC

      $10.00 off FFL transfers

      $25.00 off the purchase of 1st NFA item when purchasing a trust

      JEP Firearms not only employs firearms brokers, firearm dealers, and licensees, but also is a firearms manufacturer as well. Whether you want to buy, transfer, set up a trust, or go on the range, JEP Firearms has the solutions you need.

      Discount on trust purchased from JEP Firearms LLC.
      Use promo code JEPFirearms at check out.

      P.O. Box 164
      330 Native Oaks Rd.
      Axtell, TX 76624
      View Website
    • JT Sports

      10% Off All Ammo

      5% off all firearms

      10% off reloading supplies and accessories

      There’s no reason to be without with JT Sports unmatched, reasonably priced inventory.

      1600 E Highway 190
      Copperas Cove, TX 76522
    • Lone Star Guns, Gallery, & Gear

      Free range time with the purchase of any box of pistol ammo

      Lonestar Guns’ welcoming employees will do whatever it takes to make your shooting range experience an enjoyable one, without compromising on safety. They also offer gunsmithing, training classes, consignment and much much more.

      321 West Interstate 20
      Weatherford, TX 76087
      View Website
    • LoneStar Handgun

      $15.00 off any advanced firearms training class

      5% off any purchase over $100.00

      San Antonio’s one stop shop for handgun training classes. LoneStar handgun’s witty and knowledgeable staff incorporates multiple sources of education to give you the best in firearms instruction.

      5% discount does not apply to training or firearms.

      2661 N. Graytown Rd.
      Converse, TX 78109
      View Website
    • Love’s Guns ETC LLC

      $20.00 off any purchase of a new firearm priced at or over $400.00

      $40.00 off any purchase of a new firearm priced at or over $900.00

      Love’s Guns has an extensive collection of firearms and accessories to choose from; and for those who are looking to sell their firearms, Love’s Guns pays cash! Drop by and let the professionals at Love’s Guns find what works for you.

      Not valid on used firearms.

      1302 E 6th Ave
      Belton, TX 76513
      Send an Email
    • Nardis Gun Club

      10% off gunsmithing services

      10% off firearms training classes

      10% off range visit or $50.00 off membership initiation fee

      From gunsmithing to firearms training, San Antonio’s premier indoor gun range offers a unique experience and wide variety of services to gun lovers of all types.

      May not be combined with any other offers or discounts. Limit one Texas Law Shield discount per member per visit.

      4818 Interstate 10 East
      San Antonio, TX 78219
    • Off Duty Armory

      25% off of a “10 Visit Range Pass”

      Featuring a courteous, professional staff, and a well maintained range, visit this climate controlled range for all of your shooting needs.

      2865 SW Wilshire Blvd.
      Burleson, TX 76028
    • Oldag Guns

      $5.00 off Gun Cleaning

      $10.00 off Gunsmithing of $100.00 and over

      Oldag Guns is a family owned and operated firearms store in New Braunfels Texas. They offer over 17 types of firearms and accessories for purchase, gun cleaning and gunsmithing services, as well as classes dealing with firearms related topics.

      1551 N Walnut Ave
      Suite #33
      New Braunsfels, Texas 78130
      View Website
    • Paladin Dynamics

      10% off on NRA classes

      Paladin Dynamics LLC is dedicated in providing the best firearms and personal protection training that could save your life. We offer NRA first steps pistol orientation and NRA basic pistol shooting course. Check out our website for course information and register or give us a call.

      1520 Stockmeyer Dr.
      El Paso, Texas 79936
      View Website
    • Quail Creek Shooting Range

      $2.00 off lane rentals

      Quail Creek Range’s facilities combine convenience, safety, and affordability, making it the ideal place for the public to shoot.

      13914 FM 1171
      Roanoke, TX 76262
    • RDS Resilient Defense Systems

      5% off all merchandise.

      Free install on accessories purchased at point of sale.

      RDS has a passion for firearms and defense gear and it shows in their extensive supply of firearms and gear, and even more so in their diligent customer service.

      Excluding NFA and clearance items.

      6100 N 10Th St
      McAllen, TX 78504
      View Website
    • Rick’s Gun Shop

      10% off MSRP on items in the store

      Rick’s Gun Shop works to encourage an appreciation of firearm ownership by cultivating a thriving community of firearm enthusiasts . By providing classes, lectures, performances, and exhibits, in addition to offering financing for firearms and accessories, it’s clear Rick’s Gun Shop wants you to be able to protect yourself.

      Offer not valid on sale items.

      139 FM 196
      Pattonville, TX 75468

      A 10% discount on all training for TLS members

      14820 Tomball Parkway
      Suite 1
      Houston, Texas 77086
      View Website
      (832) 390-0812
    • Shoot Smart Indoor Range & Training Center

      25% off lane rentals

      From their state-of-the-art retrieval system to their highly trained staff, Shoot Smart has set a new standard with their family friendly facilities.

      Discount not valid during happy hour

      10305 North Freeway
      Fort Worth, TX 76177
    • Shooter’s Alley LLC

      5% off all retail firearms

      Non-Shooter’s Alley LLC members receive $5.00 off one hour per lane.

      Shooter’s Alley’s attention to service and quality will draw you in, and their friendly, down home atmosphere will keep you there.

      703 West 2 Mile Line
      Mission, TX 78574
    • South Texas Tactical Weapons

      $25.00 FFL transfers

      South Texas Tactical Weapons employs practiced experts in specialized weapons, class III weapons, and law enforcement equipment, and will buy, sell, and trade these with professionalism and class.

      6100 N 10th St
      Suite F
      McAllen, TX 77084
      View Website
    • Spartan Defense

      20% off private lessons

      10% off private classes

      Spartan Defense is dedicated to training citizens to protect themselves, their friends, and their family. With a varied assortment of classes and seminars, Spartan Defense can educate you on how to best utilize your Second Amendment rights.

      2832 FM 763
      Corpus Christi, Texas 78415
      View Website
    • Survival College, LLC

      Survival College Instructors embody nearly two centuries of Special Forces, Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilian Instruction Experience. The skills learned, experiences had, and the new knowledge you will gain after attending Survival College will help you prepare for any contingency, any emergency, and may save your life, or the lives of your loved ones.

      Texas Law Shield members receive 20% off Survival College Registration, plus 12 months free of Texas Law Shield membership (paid by Survival College).

      Use promo code: txlawshield

      Offer ends May 15, 2014

      , TX 78003
      View Website
    • Texas Gun Pros

      5% Off Any Firearm Purchased From Local In Stock Inventory

      Texas Gun Pros are professional registered FFL dealers who perform firearms transfers, but also offer classes tailor made to educate you on a wide variety of firearm-related topics.

      5121 Davis Blvd
      North Richland Hills, TX 76180
      View Website
    • Shootin’ To The Max, LLC

      5% off any firearm or suppressor

      For any questions regarding prices or merchandise, please call or e-mail.

      11948 Knickerbocker
      San Angelo, Texas 76904
      Send an Email
    • The Arms Room

      50% off range fees 9 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday.

      The Arms Room has a state-of-the-art 15 lane indoor pistol and rifle range designed for your safety and comfort.

      3270 Gulf Freeway South
      League City, TX 77573
      View Website
    • The Gun Readiness Group LLC

      10% Off Any Class

      The Gunn Readiness Group, LLC is the expression of the combined experience and dream of Frank Henderson and Roy Gunn. They offer classes from basic handling of firearms to those addressing the requirements to obtain a concealed carry license. Come and see for yourself. We aim to be the premiere firearms training and family preparedness resource in Austin and Central Texas. Does not include CHL classes.

      8651 Ephraim Road
      Austin, Texas 78717
      View Website
    • Stonewall Services

      Students that sign up for Texas Law Shield receive a 50% off coupon to regular price CHL class not including range off of $10.00

      Limitation: Minimum price is $45.00 including range fee. Location: Anyone who signs up for Texas Law Shield through Stonewall Services.

      Students who sign up for Texas Law Shield get a ticket to win a free holster at each class

      Limitations: No limitations – drawing held monthly Locations: Any CHL class taught by Stonewall Services.

      San Antonio, Texas
      (210) 831-7795
    • Locked & Loaded Gun Gear

      Use promo code TLS at checkout for a 10% discount on all goods on texaslandl.com

      Known around the world for its fine leather and quality craftsmanship, Tucker Holsters offers holsters, pouches, and belts that combine the practicality you require, and the comfort you need.

      P.O. Box 28
      Porter, TX 77365
      View Website
    • On Your 6 Designs

      Students that sign up for Texas Law Shield receive a 50% off coupon to regular price CHL class not including range off of $10.00

      Limitation: Minimum price is $45.00 including range fee.

      Students who sign up for Texas Law Shield get a ticket to win a free holster at each class

      Limitations: No limitations – drawing held monthly

      5417 Jackwood Drive
      San Antonio, Texas 78238
    • Valley Firearms Training LLC

      25% off NRA courses

      25% off private security training

      $15.00 discount on individual private training sessions

      With numerous training classes and a diverse offering of available curriculums, visit one of their three locations to take part in their proven approach.

      May not be combined with any other discounts.

      703 W 2 Mile Line
      Mission, TX 78572
    • West Texas Shooters

      $25 off any class offered

      Show membership card to receive discount

      Specializing in one-on-one personal handgun instruction in Texas for beginner and intermediate students. All students are instructed by Steve Moore, a former police officer, certified NRA and CHL instructor. All firearms training sessions are in a private location and tailored to your specific needs.

    • Defensive Mindset, LLC

      20% off any Defensive Mindset training class

      10% off any merchandise

      50% off first month of any membership

      Must provide TLS member number for discount Location: Lewisville Training Facility

      543 Bennett Ln #109
      Lewisville, Texas 75057
    • White Hat Holsters

      Use promo code TLS at check out for a 20% discount on any product available through whitehatholsters.com.

      Come browse through White Hat Holsters’ large selection of products. With an eye on cost, these holsters are constructed to keep your weapon concealed, and to ensure your satisfaction.

      1105 Colorado Ln.
      Suite D3
      Arlington, TX 76015
    • Wiley’s Gun Shop

      10% off Stack-On safes (delivery available for additional charge)

      Wiley’s has a huge inventory of firearms, ammo, leather goods, magazines, odd ammo, safes, and knives, and a dedicated staff that will help beginners or old hands alike figure out what they need.

      7009 VZCR 2120
      Willis Point, TX 75169
    • Combative Weapon Solutions

      10% Off of Combative Weapon Solutions (CWS) Training Classes

      Note: Locations vary throughout the state of Texas based on the different classes, please view the current schedule: http://tacticalfirearmstrainingaustin.com/training-schedule/

      Various Locations, Texas
    • Close Contact Tactical

      10% off Training of Texas Concealed Handgun Licensing

      10% off Basic and Team tactical handgun training

      San Antonio, Texas 78260
      View Website
      (210) 238-6139
    • Highlander Defense Consultants

      10% discount on the 2nd 1 or 2 day training course you sign up for

      San Angelo, Texas 76902
    • Caliber Self Defense

      $25.00 off any class priced $100.00 or more (excludes TX concealed handgun license class)
      show membership card or use promo code 25TLS when registering
      Only 1 discount may be used per class

      Joshua, Texas 76058
    • Shooters Firearms Training Academy

      10% discount off regular price of CHL certification Course

      *Must show TLS membership card to course instructor

      Terrel, Texas
      View Website
  • Legalese

    The following is the terms of your membership and the legal services contract that establishes your rights under the program.


    1020 Bay Area Boulevard, Suite 220, Houston, Texas 77058 1-877-474-7184

      1. “Contracting Attorney” – A licensed attorney that Texas Law Shield, LLP contracts with to provide legal services for the Legal Service Contract Holder under this Legal Service Contract.
      2. “Use of a Firearm” – Any incident where the Legal Service Contract Holder either discharges or displays a firearm for the purpose of using the firearm as a weapon to stop a threat, whether the Legal Service Contract Holder pulls the trigger and discharges the firearm or not. This term does not include taking the firearm to a location that is prohibited by federal, state, or local law, negligent or unintended discharges, or negligent or unintended displays.
      3. “Legal Service Contract” – The present agreement entered into between Legal Service Contract Holder and Texas Law Shield, LLP for consideration and under which Texas Law Shield, LLP will obtain legal services for the Legal Service Contract Holder through a Contracting Attorney.
      4. “Legal Service Contract Holder” – Person who purchased the Texas Law Shield, LLP’s Legal Service Contract.

    2. PARTIES
      1. This Legal Service Contract is administered by Texas Law Shield, LLP who shall provide Legal Service Contract Holders with a Contracting Attorney for any incident covered by this Legal Service Contract. Texas Law Shield, LLP shall offer the Legal Service Contract in the State of Texas. The Contracting Attorney shall perform the legal services described herein.
      2. The person purchasing this contract is the Legal Service Contract Holder and shall benefit from the legal services provided by Texas Law Shield, LLP. The benefits provided under this Legal Service Contract shall be available to the Legal Service Contract Holder whose payments are current.
      3. _____________________ is the sales representative who sold or solicited this Legal Service Contract on behalf of Texas Law Shield, LLP.

    4. The legal services described herein shall be available to the Legal Service Contract Holder who enrolls and pays the appropriate fee under the Legal Service Contract. The effective date of the legal services is the day of signup where the first payment is made by the Legal Service Contract Holder. The term of this agreement is 12 months from effective date. The term of this contract shall automatically be extended for 12 months on the anniversary of the effective date, unless the contract is terminated by Legal Service Contract Holder or Legal Service Contract.

      The legal services described herein shall be available to the Legal Service Contract Holder’s dependents if Legal Service Contract Holder tenders separate consideration to include protection to their minor children. Effective date of the legal services for dependents is the day of signup where the first payment is made by the Legal Service Contract Holder.

    6. The consideration provided by the Legal Service Contract Holder entitles them to the following legal services by a Contracting Attorney and these services may be utilized by calling Texas Law Shield, LLP on the business telephone numbers provided on membership cards, or, in case of emergency the 24/7 shooting hotline telephone number provided to each Legal Service Contract Holder.

      1. Legal representation is provided by an attorney in any criminal or civil procedure arising from an incident involving the Legal Service Contract Holder, in good standing, who has a use of a firearm as defined above, if the Legal Service Contract Holder is in a place within the State of Texas where the Legal Service Contract Holder is legally permitted to possess his or her firearm. Legal representation for these matters shall extend to and include a trial (including retrials) on the merits in a court or tribunal of competent jurisdiction. It shall not include appeals of a trial court’s judgment to a court of appeals. This agreement provides no benefit for any incident that took place prior to the effective date of this Legal Services Contract or after its termination.
      2. An emergency hotline is maintained and answered 24 hours a day by a Contracting Attorney for legal advice immediately after use of a firearm, for any Legal Service Contract Holder.
      3. A Contracting Attorney is provided for legal advice regarding use and carrying of firearms.
      4. If the Legal Service Contract Holder tenders separate consideration for Multi-State Protection provided by Texas Law Shield, the Legal Service Contract Holder shall be entitled to the same legal services and benefits as described herein for the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia and Washington. Multi-State Protection is subject to the limitations and exclusions provided herein.
      5. If the Legal Service Contract Holder tenders separate consideration to include protection for minor children, Legal Service Contract Holder shall be entitled to legal services and benefits described herein for his or her minor children in the event the minor child has a “Use of Firearm” incident. Minor children are subject to the same limitations and exclusions provided herein.
      6. If the Legal Service Contract Holder tenders separate consideration for the Expert Witness/Bail Bond programs, as additional legal services, Legal Service Contract Holder shall pay no additional fee to the program attorneys for additional services including, as applicable to the particular program: an expert witness; and/or depositions, and/or program attorney assistance in procuring licensed bail bond services, with bail up to $25,000.00 ($2,500.00 bond fee). With respect to the Bail program, Members shall be responsible for all other requirements to obtain such a bond from a licensed bondsman, including collateral, guarantors, overages etc. The Bail program is not an offer for Texas Law Shield or the program attorney to act as surety for the Member and Member hereby affirmatively agrees that this is not a surety agreement of any sort. With respect to the Expert Witness program, if the program attorney determines a necessity for an expert witness, Legal Service Contract Holder shall be provided with an expert who has agreed to TLS’ standard terms of engagement in the area of reasonableness and justification of the use of force or deadly force under the law. Legal Service Contract Holder may at all times employ any other expert witnesses, different than any provided under this contract, however, Legal Service Contract Holder shall be responsible for all fees, costs and expenses of any different expert witnesses and shall receive no reimbursement under this contract.
      7. The Legal Service Contract Holder will also receive:
        1. Periodic updates on topics affecting gun owners;
        2. Educational material concerning gun ownership, gun rights and the law; and
        3. A membership card with a unique member number and emergency hotline.

    8. There are no deductibles or copayments under this Legal Service Contract.

      1. In order for Legal Service Contract Holder to receive the benefits described in this Legal Services Contract, at the time of a use of a firearm incident occurs, the Legal Service Contract Holder must be in legal possession of a firearm, and at the time of the use of a firearm the Legal Service Contract Holder must be in a location where Legal Services Contract Holder could legally possess a firearm.
      2. Texas Law Shield LLP or Texas Law Shield LLP’s Contracting Attorney will have no obligations under this contract to defend a Legal Service Contract Holder if at the time the Legal Service Contract Holder uses his or her firearm, the Legal Service Contract Holder was not in lawful possession of the firearm, or was in a location, without legal justification, where possession of a firearm is illegal under state, federal, or local law.
      3. This Legal Service Contract specifically excludes legal representation in any criminal or civil actions for conduct that is not directly and specifically related to the Legal Contract Holder’s use of a firearm.
      4. This Legal Service Contract specifically excludes legal representation for the Legal Service Contract Holder’s use of a firearm, if at the time of the use of the firearm; Legal Service Contract Holder was in the commission of any crime using their firearm for which justification under state law is inapplicable.
      5. Family Violence Exclusion. This Legal Service Contract specifically excludes providing legal representation from a Contracting Attorney for any incident, criminal investigation or prosecution arising from the use of a firearm by the Legal Service Contract Holder against the Legal Service Contract Holder’s current or former family member, household or dating relationship as defined in Chapter 71 of the Texas Family Code or applicable state law.

    11. The Legal Service Contract is not transferable and the benefits contained herein are not assignable and shall provide no amount of reimbursement of costs, fees or expenses not specifically covered by this contract.

      1. A Legal Service Contract Holder may terminate the Legal Service Contract by providing Texas Law Shield, LLP with written notice of the Legal Service Contract Holder’s intent to terminate the contract not later than the seventh day after the date the Legal Service Contract Holder receives the contract.
      2. If the Legal Service Contract is terminated by the Legal Service Contract Holder in accordance with Section A above and the Legal Service Contract Holder has not sought legal services under the contract before termination, the Legal Service Contract is void and Texas Law Shield, LLP shall refund the Legal Service Contract Holder or credit the Legal Service Contract Holder’s account the full purchase price of the contract.
      3. Texas Law Shield, LLP may cancel a Legal Service Contract by mailing a written notice of cancellation to the Legal Service Contract Holder to the last known address according to the records of Texas Law Shield, LLP Texas Law Shield LLP must mail notice before the fifth day preceding the effective date of the cancellation. The notice must state the effective date of the cancellation and the reason for cancellation.
      4. Texas Law Shield, LLP is not required to provide prior notice of cancellation if the Legal Service Contract is cancelled because of:
        1. Nonpayment;
        2. A material misrepresentation by the Legal Service Contract Holder to Texas Law Shield, LLP;
        3. A substantial breach of a duty by the Legal Service Contract Holder; or
        4. Cancellation of the contract by the Legal Service Contract Holder to Texas Law Shield, LLP.
      5. There shall be a grace period of 31 Days. The Legal Service Contract will be reinstated, with full rights and benefits, provided the contract is not terminated pursuant to subsection D(ii) or D(iii) above and provided the Legal Contract Holder remits to Texas Law Shield, LLP within a 31 day period all fees necessary to pay the Legal Service Contract to a current status, and provided no use of a firearm has occurred during such 31 day period.

      1. Legal Service Contract Holder has a duty to promptly notify Texas Law Shield, LLP if a use of a firearm occurs by the Legal Services Contract Holder.
      2. The Legal Service Contract Holder agrees to fully cooperate with Contracting Attorney in a defense at any legal proceeding, attend any and all court dates, court hearings, and other official appearances in connection with the charges in this matter. The Legal Service Contract Holder agrees further to immediately inform Texas Law Shield, LLP of anything that will prevent the Legal Service Contract Holder from attending scheduled court dates or appearances.
      3. It is agreed that the Legal Service Contract Holder will keep all appointments with Texas Law Shield, LLP or any Contracting Attorney and, if an unexpected event occurs that prevents keeping an appointment, the Legal Service Contract Holder agrees to immediately notify Texas Law Shield, LLP if an appointment cannot be kept.
      4. The Legal Service Contract Holder agrees to promptly inform Texas Law Shield, LLP of all changes in his or her address or telephone number.
      5. Request for legal services may be initiated by calling Texas Law Shield, LLP’s emergency hotline or phoning the office at (877) 474-7184, or through email at support@texaslawshield.com.

      1. Items Not Covered Under This Contract. It is expressly understood that any expenses associated with investigators, expert witnesses, witnesses attendance, or other persons necessary to assist in the defense of the case, bail bonds, or other court fees shall be solely the responsibility of the Legal Services Contract Holder and paid directly by the Legal Service Contract Holder. This Legal Service Contract shall not cover expenses related to securing the testimony or evidence of any witness or expert witness, including but not limited to witness fees, witness travel expenses, and/or lodging, except as provided in the additional optional coverage under section IV.F.
      2. It is expressly understood that any expenses associated with an appeal taken to the Court of Appeals or the Court of Criminal Appeals, petition for discretionary review to the Court of Criminal Appeals, or any other form of appellate review, whether in state or federal court is not covered by this Legal Service Contract.
      3. No change in the contract is valid until the change has been approved by an executive officer of Texas Law Shield, LLP and unless such change is endorsed or attached to the contract. There is no modification of the Legal Service Contract rates while it is in effect. Contract rates may be modified upon renewal of the Legal Service Contract on the anniversary date of signup.
      4. Complaint and Grievance. Any and all complaints and grievances between the Legal Service Contract Holder and Texas Law Shield, LLP or any of its affiliates and/or the Contracting Attorney and/or any of its affiliates shall be submitted to binding arbitration in Harris County, Texas, pursuant to the terms and provisions of the American Arbitration Association. Legal Service Contract Holder expressly waives the right to proceed with any legal action, other than on an individual basis in an arbitration proceeding described herein. Legal Service Contract Holder specifically waives the right to proceed with arbitration in the nature of a class action or a class wide arbitration, and expressly waives the right to proceed in any court on a class basis or class action basis.
      5. Legal Service Contract Holder may at all times retain counsel different than provided under this contract, however, Legal Service Contract Holder shall be responsible for all attorneys’ fees, cost and expenses of this different counsel and shall receive no reimbursement under this contract.
      6. Subrogation rights – There are no subrogation rights under this Legal Services Contract.
      7. It is expressly agreed and understood that NO PROMISES OR GUARANTEES as to the outcome of any case (past, current or future) have been made to Legal Service Contract Holder by Texas Law Shield, LLP or Contracting Attorney. It is further expressly agreed and understood that no other representations have been made to Legal Service Contract Holder, except for those set out in this contract.

    Texas Law Shield, LLP is a registered legal service contract company in the State of Texas. This Legal Service Contract is not an insurance contract. Legal service contract companies and their sales representatives are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). You may contact TDLR at P.O. Box 12157, Austin, Texas 78711, telephone (512) 463-6599, toll free (800) 803-9202, or legalservicecontract@license.state.tx.us.